Quenches Thirst

Being well hydrated means getting the right amount of water and, more importantly, electrolytes. Nudge Hydration Enhancer is formulated to help vital electrolytes reach your bloodstream faster than plain water, so that you are hydrated instantly⋆

Brightens Skin

Everyone aims for glowing skin, for which hydration plays a major role. But tracking the number of glasses of water on a daily basis can be hectic. Nudge hydration Enhancer provides hydration faster to the skin & retains it, to make your skin look supple and bright instantly⋆

Energises Instantly

Nudge Hydration Enhancer helps you prevent loss of important electrolytes through sweat, workouts, sleep or diuretics, It also replenishes your energy levels instantly, keeping you focused and active⋆

Reduces Stress

90% of the types of headaches are due to dehydration. But sometimes drinking just water is not enough to combat that. Nudge hydration Enhancer is built with essential vitamins along with natural flavors to keep your mind clear & focused⋆

Relaxes Muscles

Muscle cramps are also a sign of dehydration. Electrolytes in the Nudge Hydration Enhancer are shown to enhance exercise performance and muscle relaxation in several studies. It helps regulate nerve signals and muscle contractions as well⋆

Improves Sleep

Sleep apnea is the major challenge nowadays and sleeping for 8 hours needs an essential hydration level to keep your sleep sound. Drinking hydration Enhancer helps you to get clear and unaltered sleep⋆

Makes Travel Easier

Dehydration is common during travel. Whether you take flights, trains or hit the road, it is important to rehydrate while traveling. With its travel-friendly packaging, Nudge Hydration Enhancer is easier and more convenient to use while you are on the move.

3 Delicious Flavors

Refreshing electrolyte mix that absorbs rapidly in the body to give you a hydration boost in no time!

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